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Executive Committee

Meeting No. 192 --April 10, 2015

Agenda Item 2.1
Revised Draft Meeting Minutes EC #191
Agenda Item 2.2
Action Items List
Agenda Item 3.1i
Receipts Distributed
Agenda Item 3.2i
2013-14 Biennial Report (to be provided later)
Agenda Item 4.1
ICS Chairman's Report (to be provided later)
Agenda Item 4.2
Inventory Issues for 2016 IRM Study (to be provided later)
Agenda Item 4.2i
Review EISPC Report
Agenda Item 5.1i
RRS Bucket List

Agenda Item 5.2i
List of PRRs Changes Outstanding

Agenda Item 5.4i
NERC Standards Development
Agenda Item 5.5i
Draft RR&RC Manual

Agenda Item 5.5ii
Con Ed Exception Request

Agenda Item 5.5iii
Should the NYSRC Comment on HR 1558
Agenda Item 5.5iv
NYC’s Dependence on Gas as a Fuel
Agenda Item 5.5v
State Resource Planning Analysis
Agenda Item 6.2
2014 New York Reliability Compliance Program
Agenda Item 8.1
Agenda Item 9.1
NYISO Comprehensive Reliability Plan
Agenda Item 9.1i
EIPC Study & Interregional Trans. Studies
Agenda Item 9.2
NYISO Markets & Reliability
Agenda Item 10.1
NYISO March Operations Report

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