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Executive Committee

Albany Country Club 9:30AM

Meeting No. 206--June 10, 2016

Agenda Item 2.1
Revised Draft Meeting Minutes EC #205
Agenda Item 2.2
Action Items List
Agenda Item 3.1i
Summary of Receipts & Disbursements
Agenda Item 4.1
ICS Chairman's Report
Agenda Item 4.2
Cancellation of 1000Mw Wheel
Agenda Item 4.3
White Paper: PJM 4 vs 5 Bubble Model
Agenda Item 4.4
White Paper: Wind Shape Model
Agenda Item 4.5
IRM Topology
Agenda Item 5.2i
List of PRRs Changes Outstanding
Agenda Item 5.3i.1
PRR's for Final Approval
     PRR 130
Agenda Item 5.3i.2
PRR's for EC Approval to Post for Comment
     PRR 132 Transmission Data
Agenda Item 5.4
Exception 17: Post Contingency Flow on Buchanan Transformer
     ConEd Request for Exception Clarification
Agenda Item 5.5i
NERC Standards Development
Agenda Item 5.6i
RRS Status Report
Agenda Item 5.6i.1
Bucket List
Agenda Item 6.1
2016 Reliability Compliance
Agenda Item 6.2i
RCMS Status Report
Agenda Item 8.1
Agenda Item 9.1
NYISO Comprehensive Reliability Plan
Agenda Item 9.2
NYISO Markets and Reliability
Agenda Item 10.1
NYISO Monthly Operations Report
Agenda Item 10.2
2016 Summer Capacity Assessment

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