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Executive Committee

Meeting No. 77 - September 9, 2005

Meeting No. 77

Agenda Item 2.1
Revised Draft Meeting Minutes #76 - August 12, 2005

Agenda Item 2.2
Action Items

Agenda Item 3.1i
Summary of Receipts & Disbursements

Agenda Item 3.1ii
Proposed Budget for 2006

Agenda Item 3.2ii
Code of Conduct Amendments:
Letter - Amendments to NYSRC Agreement and Code of Conduct v1
Changes to Section D Code of Conduct and 9.02 of the NYSRC Agreement v1

Agenda Item 5.1
NYISO Blackout Follow-up List - To Be Posted Later

Agenda Item 5.3
NYSRC Actions on Blackout Report Recommendations

Agenda Item 6.3
IRM Sensitivity Cases

>Agenda Item 6.4
IRM Study Milestones

Agenda Item 7.2i.a
List of PRR's Changes - Outstanding

Agenda Item 7.2i.b.1 - PRR's for Final Approval

Agenda Item 7.2i.b.2 - PRR's for Approval to Post
PRR #74
PRR #76

Agenda Item 7.3i
NERC Reliability Standard Development Tracking Summary

Agenda Item 7.3ii
Email to Ballot Pool on Category C

Agenda Item 8.2
NYRCP Responsibilities Milestones - 2005

Agenda Item 8.3
Modified RCMS Resource Adequacy Assessment - 2005-08 - To Be Posted Later

Agenda Item 8.4
Policy 4 Revision - Status - To Be Posted Later

Agenda Item 9.4
Series Reactor Letter of Concerns

Agenda Item 10.3iii
RGGI Staff Working Group

Agenda Item 11.3
NYISO Operating Report




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