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Executive Committee

Meeting No. 85 - May 12, 2006

Meeting No. 85

Agenda Item 2.1
Revised Draft Meeting Minutes #84  - April 7, 2006

Agenda Item 2.2
Revised Draft Minutes of SM #2

Agenda Item 2.3
Action Items

Agenda Item 3.1i
Summary of Receipts & Disbursements

Agenda Item 4.1
FERC - Processing Reliability Standards

Agenda Item 5.1
DOE Blackout Follow-up List - To Be Posted Later

Agenda Item 5.2
NYSRC Actions on Blackout Report Recommendations - To Be Posted Later

Agenda Item 6.2
IRM Report Addendum

Agenda Item 6.3
2006 Lessons Learned

Agenda Item 6.4i
90 Day Report

Agenda Item 6.4ii
RAITF Scope - To Be Posted Later

Agenda Item 7.2i.a
List of PRR's Changes - Outstanding

Agenda Item 7.2i.b.1
PRRs for EC Final Approval - None

Agenda Item 7.2i.b.2
PRRs for Approval to Post - None

Agenda Item 7.3i
NERC Reliability Standard Development Tracking Summary

Agenda Item 7.3iii
Revisions to the Standards Process Manual

Agenda Item 7.3iv
Procedure for Development of Compliance Elements

Agenda Item 8.2
2006 New York Reliability Compliance Program

Agenda Item 11.3
» NYISO Operating Report - March
» Operating Summary - March 2006




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