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Installed Capacity Sucommittee


Meeting No. 231 -- April 28, 2020


Agenda for Meeting #231

Agenda Item 3
Draft Minutes for Meeting #230

Agenda Item 4
April Action Items

Agenda Item 5.1
Study Year Issue Recommendation

Agenda Item 5.2
Correlation of Intermittent Resources

Agenda Item 6.1
HR White Paper 4-9-20

Agenda Item 6.2
HRWP Recommendations Tracking

Agenda Item 6.3
Tailored Availability Metric

Agenda Item 7
Comparison of SCRs 15 vs 5 Calls

Agenda Item 8
Load Forecast Uncertainty Update

Agenda Item 9
Evolution of LFU Models

Agenda Item 10
Prellminary Topology Updates

Agenda Item 11
PCB Assumptions Matrix

Agenda Item 12
Section 3.8 of Policy 5


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