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RRS Meeting 169
RCMS Meeting 164

Joint SubCommittees Meeting
September 5, 2013


RRS Meeting No. 169

Meeting Agenda
RRS Agenda Meeting #169

Agenda item 2.1
Approval of RRS Minutes #168
Draft minutes of meeting #168

Agenda item 2.2
Action Items List

Agenda item 3.1
List of potential RR changes
PRRChangesOutstanding 082813

Agenda item 3.2
NPCC Criteria Revision update
• NPCC Standard Tracking (N/A)

Agenda item 3.3
NERC SARS/Organization Standards
NERC Standard Tracking

Agenda Item 4.
Additional Agenda Items


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RCMS Meeting No. 164

Agenda for RCMS Meeting #164

Agenda Item 2.1
Draft Minutes for RCMS Meeting #163

Agenda Item 2.2
Action Items List

Agenda Item 3.1
2013 Compliance Program

Agenda Item 3.2
July 2013 Operations Report

Agenda Item 3.3
C-M4 Compliance Documents:

Agenda Item 3.4
C-M5 Compliance Documents:

Agenda Item 3.5
C-M11 Compliance Document:

Agenda Item 3.6
J-M1 Compliance Documents:

Agenda Item 3.7
J-M2 Compliance Document:

Agenda Item 5.1
NYISO Reliability Compliance Tracker

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