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Defensive Strategies Working Group


RRS Meeting 212
RCMS Meeting 206

Joint SubCommittees Meeting
April 6, 2017


RRS Meeting No. 212

RRS Meeting No. 212

Agenda Item 2.1
Approval of RRS Minutes 211

Agenda Item 2.2
RRS 211 Status Report to EC

Agenda Item 2.3
Action Items List

Agenda Item 3.1
PRR List

Agenda Item 3.2.1
PRR's for EC Final Approval After Posting

Agenda Item 3.4.1
PRR's for Discussion

Agenda Item 5.1
NERC Standard Tracking


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RCMS Meeting No. 206

Meeting 206

Agenda Item 2.1
Draft Minutes for Meeting 205

Agenda Item 2.2
Action Items List

Agenda Item 3.1
2017 Compliance Program

Agenda Item 3.2
NYISO Self-Certification A.2(R1-R3)

2017 RCMS A2(R1-R3) Report

Agenda Item 3.3
February 2017 Ops Report

Agenda Item 3.4
NYISO Certification I.1(R3)

Section 4.2 ICAP 2-24-2017

Section 3.5
NYISO Certification I.1(R4)
ASM Section 3.6 2-1-2016

Agenda Item 3.6
NYISO Certification I.2
Section 4.4 ICAP 2-24-2017

Agenda Item 5
Revised Transmission Review Report

Agenda Item 6
NYISO Reliability Compliance Tracker

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