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Executive Committee


Meeting No. 287 -- March 10, 2023

Agenda Item 2.1
Revised Draft Minutes of EC 286 -- clean version
Revised Draft Minutes of EC 286 -- tracked changes
Agenda Item 2.2
Review Action Items
Agenda Item 3.1.1
Summary of Receipts & Disbursements
Agenda Item 4.1
ICS Chair Meeting Report
Agenda Item 5.1
RRS 275 Update
Agenda Item 5.2.1
PRR Changes Update
Agenda Item 5.2.2
PRR 151
Agenda Item 5.4.1
Wind Lull Report
Agenda Item 5.5.1
NERC Standard Tracking Report
Agenda Item 5.6.1
RRS 2022 Report
Agenda Item 6.1
RCMS Status Report
Agenda Item 6.2
2023 Reliability Compliance Program Report
Agenda Item 7.1
NYSRC Comprehensive System Planning Process Report
Agenda Item 7.2
NYISO Markets Report
Agenda Item 7.3.1
NYISO Operating Report -- short form
Agenda Item 7.3.2
NYISO Operating Report -- long form
Agenda Item 8.1
Decarbonization and DER Report
Agenda Item 10.2.1
NYSRC Comments to NERC on the Standards Processes Proposed Changes
Agenda Item 10.2.2
NY PSC Energy Storage Case
Agenda Item 11.1
NAESB Gas-Electric Harmonization Forum Survey


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