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Defensive Strategies Working Group


RCMS Meeting 266
RRS Meeting 269

  SubCommittee Meeting
June 30, 2022


RCMS Meeting No. 266

Meeting No. 266

Agenda Item 2.1
Draft Minutes for RCMS No. 265

Agenda Item 2.2
RCMS 266 Status Report

Agenda Item 3.1
2022 Compliance Program

Agenda Item 3.2
May Operating Report

Agenda Item 3.3
NYISO A.3 R1 Certification
2022 June RCMS A3 R1 RA Report Final

Agenda Item 3.4
NYISO C.5 R1, R3 Certification

Agenda Item 3.5
NYISO C.5 R2 Certification

Agenda Item 4.1
NYISO Reliability Compliance Tracker -- to be provided later

RRS Meeting No. 269

Meeting No. 269

Agenda Item 2.1
RRS 268 Minutes

Agenda Item 2.2
RRS 268 Status Report

Agenda Item 2.3
Action Item List

Agenda Item 3.1
PRR List

Agenda Item 3.4.1
2022 NYSRC Goals

Agenda Item
Extreme System Conditions Draft White Paper

Agenda Item
Intermittent Resources White Paper Draft

Agenda Item 6.1
NERC Standard Tracking




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