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RCMS Meeting 267
RRS Meeting 270

  SubCommittee Meeting
September 1, 2022


RCMS Meeting No. 267

Meeting No. 267

Agenda Item 2.1
Draft Minutes for RCMS No. 266

Agenda Item 2.2
RCMS 267 Status Report

Agenda Item 2.3
Action Items

Agenda Item 3.1
2022 Compliance Program

Agenda Item 3.2
June Operating Report
July Operating Report

Agenda Item 3.3
NYISO G.2 R3 Self Certification
NYISO T & D Manual Section 2.6.1
NYISO G.2 R4 Self Certification
NYISO ASM Section 8

Agenda Item 3.4
NYISO G.2 R5 Certification

Agenda Item 3.5
NYISO G.2 R6 Certification

Agenda Item 3.6
NYISO B.2 R 1 Self Certification -- to be provided later

Agenda Item 4.1
NYISO Reliability Compliance Tracker


RRS Meeting No. 270

Meeting No. 270

Agenda Item 2.1
RRS 269 Minutes

Agenda Item 2.2
RRS 269 Status Report

Agenda Item 2.3
Action Item List

Agenda Item 3.1
PRR List

Agenda Item 4
2022 NYSRC Goals

Agenda Item 4.1
Extreme System Conditions White Paper

Agenda Item 4.1.1
NYSRC Comments on FERC NOPR to Boost Reliability

Agenda Item 4.2
Intermittent Resource Transmission FInal White Paper

Agenda Item 4.2.1
NYSRC IEEE 2800 2022 Workshop

Agenda Item 4.2.2
ESIG Generator Interconnection Workshop
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

Agenda Item 5.1
NYSRC 2023 Goals and Actions - NERC Risk Registry

Agenda Item 7.1
NERC Standard Tracking




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