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NYSRC Comments:

NYSRC Comments on NERC Compliance Elements Process

NYSRC Comments on Reliability Standards Process Manual

NYSRC Comments on Risk Factor Survey

Cost-Risk-Benefit SAR

NERC Facility Standards

Phase III-IV Planning Standards

Phase III-IV Planning Standards Not Developed in Reliability Standards Ver. 0

Transmission Operator Certification Standards Comment Form

Reliability Standard Ver. 0 Comment Form

Missing Measures SAR; Phase III/IV Standards

NERC Standards Development Process Manual Rev 4

Resource Adequacy SAR

3rd Posting of Determined Facility Ratings, System Operating Limits and Transfer Capabilities Standards

Proposed Frequency Response Standard

1st Posting of the Draft Transmission Operator Certification' Standard

Proposed Transmission System Vegetation Management Standard

Phase III/IV Planning Standard SARs

System Personnel Training SAR

Version 0 Draft 2 - Comments

Version 0 Draft 1 - Comments

Standard 000, Version 0

Standard 100 - Coordinate Operations

Standard 200, Version 3

Standard 300 - Balance Resources & Demand

Standard 400, Version 1

Standard 500, SAR Version 2

Standard 600, Version 2

NERC Functional Model, Version 2

NERC Standards Process Manual

Reliability Standards Process Manual

SAR 1900 - Transmission System Vegetation Management

NERC Comments:

Presentation on Version 0 Standards


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