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For Immediate Release
November 9, 2000

Richard J. Bolbrock
(516) 222-7700
(516) 719-9833

New York State Reliability Council Opens Meeting

The New York State Reliability Council (NYSRC), the entity responsible for the reliability standards used for electric power supply throughout the State of New York, has decided to open its meetings to attendance in person by all interested third parties. Beginning January 1, 2001, interested individuals may attend any meeting of the NYSRC Executive Committee, or any of its Subcommittees and Working Groups.

The action was taken at the October 17, 2000 meeting of the NYSRC Executive Committee. “As the industry moves forward with competition and retail access, it is crucial that the goal of a reliable power supply not be overlooked,” noted NYSRC Executive Committee Chairman Richard J. Bolbrock today, the 35th anniversary of the 1965 Northeast Blackout. “In this regard, the independent development and maintenance of appropriate reliability criteria, and independent review and assessment of conformance, are critical. The work of the not-for-profit New York State Reliability Council is thus an irreplaceable element in assuring reliability in New York. We believe that knowledge and openness are important elements toward that end, and thus have decided to open up our meetings to other interested persons.”

Anyone wishing to attend is requested to give seven days advanced notice to the Secretary of the Executive Committee -- or, in the case of the Subcommittees, and Working Groups to the appropriate Chairman or Secretary. The advance notice is necessary in order to insure that adequate meeting space is available. Attendees who are not members will be given an opportunity to comment at the end of each meeting, or earlier at the Chairman’s invitation. A closed executive session to deal with administrative matters may be held prior to regular meetings.

The purpose of the NYSRC, LLC is to promote and preserve the reliability of the New York State power system by developing, maintaining and, from time to time, updating the reliability rules which must be complied with by the NYISO and all entities engaging in electric power transactions on the New York State power system. The NYSRC carries out its purpose to the benefit of the entire electric service industry, including consumers, with no intent to advantage or disadvantage any member or any market participant’s commercial interest. The NYSRC is a not-for-profit entity.


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