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For Immediate Release
May 12, 2000

Richard J. Bolbrock
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Reliability Council Establishes New York State Reliability Compliance Program

Uniondale, NY – May 12, 2000 – The New York State Reliability Council, LLC (NYSRC), the entity responsible for the reliability standards to be used for electric power supply throughout the State of New York, has announced implementation of its first reliability compliance program. The NYSRC was formed in 1999 to promote the reliability of the electric supply for New York State. Consistent with this mission, the newly established New York Reliability Compliance Program will monitor compliance with the standards by all participants in the electricity market in the state.

According to Richard J. Bolbrock, Chairman of the NYSRC, “as more competition is introduced into New York’s electric industry, reliability in a competitive market will become increasingly complex and difficult to manage. Within this framework, it is essential that the energy delivery systems within New York continue to be highly reliable. To ensure reliability it is required that all electric participants adhere to the standards applicable to them. The newly established Compliance Program is designed to meet this goal.”

The Compliance Program includes a process that will address the monitoring of specific quantities or activities, and the evaluations of required actions to ensure compliance with the NYSRC reliability standards. Under this program the NYSRC will share compliance monitoring responsibilities with the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) and the Northeast Power Coordinating Council (NPCC), a regional reliability council. The NYISO will monitor New York market participant’s compliance with the NYSRC standards, NPCC will monitor NYISO compliance with its regional standards, while the NYSRC will monitor NYISO compliance including New York’s more restrictive standards and local criteria. The NYSRC will also provide oversight review for those standards where the NYISO and NPCC both have monitoring responsibility.

In the event that non-compliance or improper implementation of a standard is identified, the Compliance Program requires that the deficient entity develop a plan with an associated timetable to achieve future compliance.

“A large number of standards were selected by NYSRC and NPCC for compliance review in 2000” stated Michael A. DeLaura, Chair of the NYSRC Compliance Monitoring Subcommittee. “A key objective of the 2000 Compliance Program will be to test the effectiveness of the processes and procedures used for conducting compliance reviews and to make appropriate changes for the 2001 program.”

The purpose of the NYSRC, LLC is to promote and preserve the reliability of the New York State power system by developing, maintaining and, from time to time, updating the reliability rules which must be complied with by the NYISO and all entities engaging in electric power transactions on the New York State power system. The NYSRC carries out its purpose to the benefit of the entire electric service industry, including consumers, with no intent to advantage or disadvantage any member or any market participant’s commercial interest. The NYSRC is a not-for-profit entity.


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