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Announcement - NYSRC IEEE 2800-2022 Workshop
September 13, 2022 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
@ NYISO, Rensselaer & WEBEX

Workshop Objective: to introduce NYSRC's Proposed Reliability Requirement for Interconnection of Inverter Based Resources to NYCA's BPS based on IEEE 2800-2022

Introduction -- Roger Clayton
IEEE 2800-2022 Standard Review  -- Andy Hoke (NREL)
Review of Proposed Requirements for IBR Interconnection -- Reigh Walling (WES Consulting)
Regional Application Experience
   NPCC -- Shayan Rizvi (NPCC)
   ISO NE -- Brad Marszalowski (ISO NE)
Stakeholder Considerations
    NYISO Implementaion -- Thinh Nguyen (NYISO)
    Transmission Owner  -- Anie Philip (LIPA/PSEGLI)
    OEM/Developer -- Sid Pant (GE Renewable Energy)
    Coordination with DER IEEE 1547-2018 -- Jason Pause (NYDPS)

NYSRC Presentation on Reliability Challenges in Meeting CLCPA Requirements, delivered by M. Sasson, S. Whitely, and R. Clayton to the New York State Climate Action Council on August 2, 2021.

NYSRC Distributed Energy Workshop November 7, 2018
Meeting Announcement

DER Presentation 1.1 DER Presentation 1.2
DER Presentation 1.3 DER Presentation 2.1
DER Presentation 2.2 DER Presentation 2.3
DER Presentation 3.1 DER Presentation 3.2A
DER Presentation 3.2B DER Presentation 3.3
DER Presentation 4.1 Draft Workshop Notes
NYSRC DER Workshop Summary  

Curt Dahl Presentation to the NEPOOL Reliability Committee, Determining the NYCA Installed Reserve Requirements, April 29, 2010

Resource Adequacy Workshop - June 7, 2007
Resource Adequacy Workshop Agenda, Objectives and Materials

Transmission Workshop:
"Bulk Power Transmission Systems & How They Work", Scheduled for June 28, 2005
NOTE: Anyone wishing to participate and not already registered should contact - gloehr@eLucem.com

Presentation Material as follows:
Session 1A
Session 1B
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
Session 5
Session 6

ICR Workshop - July 11, 2003
Presentation Slides

R.J. Bolbrock Presentation at the MEUA Annual Meeting
(powerpoint presentation)

C. Dahl Presentation to the Parties to the RPS Proceeding:  Reliability Considerations For Development of Renewable Portfolio Standard in NY.pdf


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